Dynamic. Innovative. Client focused. This is InVuite.

Our story

Martin Hoel and Mikael Waltersson had spent years working in companies that were not embracing modern digital solutions to meet changing business and regulatory needs. Knowing there had to be a better way to allow companies to modernise operational processes with data retrieval and handling they founded InVuite in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2016.

The premise for InVuite’s information management system is a web application that allows the user to continually improve operational processes while providing a semi-straight through conduit for work, improving operational performance and client engagement.

In April 2017, InVuite released the first version of its information management system, allowing users to have full transparency throughout the request process whilst maintaining all compliance standards. During this time InVuite worked with a leading Australian Life Insurer in piloting its web application achieving, cycle time improvements of over 55%.

In December 2017, InVuite incorporated in Singapore with the aim of Singapore becoming the centre for further development of solutions to assist our clients.

In February 2018, InVuite released its fully digital, paperless smart form application, allowing users to capture soft data that enables further data analytics and machine learning & AI to be applied.

Today, InVuite continues to work with companies improving operational processes, better engaging customers and identifying where technology can best be applied to eliminate risk and improve the status quo.

Our experts

Martin hoel

Founder & CEO

Martin has worked in client-facing as well as analytical roles for over 20 years. Martin is passionate about process efficiency and leveraging new technology to improve transparency, offering more for users.

Mikael Waltersson

Co-Founder & CTO

Mike is a gifted system architect and has extensive experience in designing and implementing applications for a range of industries.

Peter Kazinoti

Co-Founder & Finance Advisor

Peter is a seasoned finance professional with years of experience in running finance operations for hospitals and primary care organisations. 

Vicki Triantafilopoulos

Human Resources

Vicki is an experienced HR and Operations Manager with experience in primary care and financial services companies.

Lena McWallis

Business Analyst

Lena has previously worked with InVuite’s founders and helped design InVuite’s Information Management System. A gifted writer, Lena has developed InVuite’s documentation and conducts training for system users.